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Your First Visit

A Child’s First Visit To The Dentist Is A Special Occasion

We’re glad you’re coming to Magicland. First visits are always special occasions, and we’ll do our best to make it enjoyable for you and your child. Visiting a dentist early is very important, and that’s why we offer free first checkups for children under the age of three. On this first visit, one of our priorities will be to listen to you and make sure we answer all the questions you and your child have. We’ll also share the latest methods to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

At Magicland, we like to tell and show. So we’ll tell your child about what we’re going to do, in words and pictures your child will understand, and then show him or her what it’s like. If your child is small, we may ask you to hold your child in your lap while you sit in the dental chair. Some kids, of course, are ready to do that for themselves. Then we’ll gently look inside your child’s mouth, checking the gums to make sure they’re healthy and the teeth for cavities or other problems. We’ll also evaluate oral habits such as thumb sucking or baby bottle syndrome. If we see something that needs treatment, we’ll discuss options and explain the procedure.

We’re all about preventing tooth decay, so we’ll show you and your child the correct way to brush and floss, and we’ll share tips on how to make caring for teeth a fun activity at home, so you can build healthy habits from the start. We’ll suggest many ways to avoid cavities, including the best snacks to serve and foods and drinks to avoid. If your child plays activities or sports where he or she might fall, you’ll also learn about guarding your child’s mouth and teeth from injury.

We’re glad you’re coming to Magicland, and we hope you’ll leave smiling, so you and your child will be happy to come back again.

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